*What are corporate stock shares?

Florida Statutes require that the number of shares a profit corporation is authorized to issue must be stated in its Articles of Incorporation. The number of shares can be 1 share or 1,000,000 shares. There is no set number required. If you are unsure of what to enter for the number of shares of stock and how to establish a value, you should seek the advice of an attorney.*

Corporation must file an Annual Report with the Division of Corporations between January 1st and May 1st of every year to maintain "active" status. The corporation's first annual report will be due between January 1st and May 1st of the calendar year following the year the corporation is formed and must be filed online. The fee to file a Corporation Annual Report is $150. A $400 late fee is applied if the report is filed after May 1st. File early to avoid the late fee.

(Once this document is filed, any changes will require an amendment and an additional $50.00 filing fee.)