In the modern economy of the world, scenarios arise where one has an overdue Student Loan or years of high credit card balances, undischarged mortgages, and even foreclosures, such a person will be said to have bad or poor credit. Where one has said below-average credit to his or her name, various consequences befall him, as approval for new credit products such as credit cards may become harder to get and though you’ll still be able to get mortgages and subsequently more loans, due to your bad credit, you’ll have to pay back at a much higher interest rate put in contrast with a borrower with good credit. Scenarios have occurred where a borrower with bad credit had to pay at least 50% more in interest on a mortgage than that of an average borrower, just because of the bad credit to his name. To this, various consumer protection laws, that have been enacted over the years, has created for the term coined as credit repair.

Credit repair is a process whereby one can fix or repair his or her individual credit score or standing that may have withered for one reason or another, either all on their own or via employing the credit repair services of a company that specializes in the provision of said service. To this, fixing credit standings,  may often require overly extensive credit repair work or sometimes, may be as simple as disputing erroneous information placed by the credit agencies, or correcting errors or omissions made by acts of identity theft and other such acts. Also, other forms of credit repair primarily involve dealing with core financial issues affecting the individual, such as budgeting. Stemming from the need to ensure a successful credit repair by the day to day individual, over the years, has risen a growing industry of companies and firms claiming to provide services for credit repair, and while some may have the means to effectively carry out what has been promised, others may not. This is due to the fact that, credit repair, depending on the extent of the deteriorated credit standing, may require both legal and financial assistance and not all companies can provide both.

In comprehending the aforementioned, it is pertinent we grasp why we need sufficient credit repair in the first place. To this, one might think poor credit only hinders you from acquiring a credit card or a loan, but in reality, the thorns of having poor credit go further than that, as poor credit can render you jobless, homeless and much more. The main reason for this is, due to the fact that more businesses now use your credit standing to make decisions about you and for this reason, getting your credit checked and fixed is of utmost importance. Devoid of this, three more core reasons exist as to why we need credit repair. These are:

         i.            You get to save money on interest: As earlier stated, a person with bad credit isn’t banned from taking up mortgages or more loans, however, if you do you pay a much more higher interest than an average borrower would.

       ii.            The opportunity of getting a higher credit limit.

     iii.            You get to stop the harassment you face from debt collectors.

In summary, credit repair is a new found unfortunate necessity some of us have to face, due to a reason or two. However, it’s process is not so difficult, as there exist companies that provide the services and of course we can take care of it ourselves where it is more appealing. So it is proper, to check our credit standings and get it fixed where need be.


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